About programme WRYKRYS

Technological programme WRYKRYS is a CAD/CAM software designed to prepare production on burning and cutting CNC machines. It was made based on more than 20-year experience in the field and is designed to significantly facilitate the creation of burning plans.
WRYKRYS has a set of advanced technological functions, it offers automated nesting, proper CAD system, option to create air-conditioning macros and optional 3D module for bevel cutting. The software is machine independent - it contains postprocessors for tens of machine brands and includes an option to create a new postprocessor. Nowadays there are about 3000 running installations all over the world.

Product info - WRYKRYS (pdf)

The programme is under constant development and we recommend you to follow our updated history of modifications. You find the most recent version in section download.

A free demoversion is also available. The programme is protected by a hardware key which means that this demoversion has disabled outputs of the control code for the machine. The demoversion is designed to become familiar with the programme. After you connect your hardware key to the demoversion, it becomes the standard fully working programme.

At present there are 10 language versions available. The default installation language is Czech. To change the language, go to Setting -> Language.

Example screenshots from the programme:

Configuration recommended for the current version

  • Computer with a dual-core or quad-core processor
  • Screen with resolution 1920x1080 or higher
  • Free disc space of about 1 GB
  • Printer of your choice
  • Mouse with a scroll button
  • Operating system MS Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11

Getting programme WRYKRYS

The standard procedure is that software WRYKRYS is delivered with new burning and cutting machines and the quotation is made by producers of these machines. If you are interested in upgrading your programme WRYKRYS, extending your licence to more workplaces, replacing your old HW key and so on, contact your distributor.

In other cases (such as buying an older machine or a delivery from other producers that do not provide WRYKRYS), you can buy the software at a negotiable price from our company.

We also offer programme WRYKRYS training - at your place or in our company.
The training costs 500Kč + VAT / hour and in case of a training at your place, we charge travelling costs 8Kč + VAT / km. A common training for new users takes about 4 hours.